Finding web design trends

The world of web design changes and evolves rapidly. It’s important to stay up on the latest trends in order to be able to predict what’s coming next.

Catalin Zorzini published his thoughts on the latest web design trends at Inspired Magazine.

  • Responsive Design

With the number of page visits from mobile users steadily on the rise, everyone is interested in the best way to optimize for mobile. Responsive design, which allows your website to scale automatically to give users on any device the desired experience, seems to be the best option currently. Creating a great responsive design isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. 

  • Simplify

Users have lost patience. Google has admitted that your site’s speed has a bearing on your search ranking. Mobile users want a great experience. This all adds up to you needing a simple site, not one with complicated animations that takes forever to load. Flash is nearly dead. It’s time for the rise of UX driven sites. 

  • Design For Your Audience

It’s difficult to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. That’s what you need to do when designing your site, however. Try to look at it with a fresh mind and see what a typical user will see. Is it easy to navigate and is the most vital information clear and easy to find? If you make it difficult for your users to find what they want, they’ll go looking somewhere else. 

The over-arcing view of design is that it’s getting more streamlined. Users want to find simple content faster on any device.

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