Responsive design right for you?

Responsive design is the tool du jour for creating an appealing website for both desktop and mobile users. It delivers the same experience to users, regardless of the device they use to access the site.

As Catalin Zorzini points out for Inspired Magazine, there are some detractors for responsive design. Here are some of the perceived negatives.

  • Speed

If your website isn’t fast, it turns away visitors. The speed of your site even has a bearing on your ranking in Google searches. It’s a legitimate concern, but not when it comes to responsive sites. The worry is that a site that performs well for desktop users, even when scaled down for a smaller screen, won’t perform as well for mobile users. The mobile web, however, is getting faster all the time. While it’s true that large images or animations won’t show up as well for most mobile users, many times they aren’t needed on your site at all. Responsive design doesn’t solve every problem, but if you’re willing to make some minor concessions, which you should be to reach a huge portion of the web’s traffic, it is a great solution. 

  • Time and Money

Making your site responsive will take more time and in turn cost more money. But, the alternative is forcing mobile users to navigate a site that wasn’t intended for them. That will lose you visitors and conversions. Foregoing a mobile-friendly site is a short-sighted conclusion. Spending the money now on a responsive design will make you money in the long run. 

  • Who should use responsive design? 

If more than 5-percent of your audience views your site on a mobile device, you owe it to them to make it mobile-friendly. Likewise, if your website is intended to introduce consumers to your products and services, you need a responsive design. If you don’t want to drive away any user who isn’t using a large viewing screen, you need a responsive design. 

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