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If you have to think about the last time you updated or added content to your website, it’s probably past due. It doesn’t have to be a labor intensive chore, however.

Catalin Zorzini, of Inspired Magazine, suggests that you optimize your landing page because that will yield the biggest return on investment. Your landing page is where most of your traffic enters your site. For most, it’s the home page that welcomes in users. Here are some optimization tips.

  • Clear, Compelling Content

When a user visits your site, they have a reason for being there. Your job is to convey quickly to them that you understand why they’re there and that you can help. Ideally, you’ll use the same language they would use. Users don’t have patience to wade through a mountain of content or search for what they want, however. So, your compelling content should be right in front of them when they hit your landing page and should tell them why they’re in the right place. 

  • Add Testimonials

Once you’ve told consumers why you can help them and how you will help them, let other consumers tell them. Make sure the testimonials you include are well-written, positive and descriptive. They should reiterate what you are telling users, just in different words and from the buyer’s perspective. 

  • Cautious Call To Action

A site without a call to action won’t get many conversions. You have to guide and prod users to the end goal. But, asking for too much scares away visitors. Instead of asking for a purchase made right then, ask them to contact you for more information. Or, ask for an email address so you can send information to them. Don’t ask for too much of their contact information either. You probably don’t need their home address or phone number. 

If you notice that your conversion rate is lower than you’d like, start by optimizing your landing page. The key is to get into the mind of your visitor and tell them why they need you.

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