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A good user experience is what keeps visitors on your site and what keeps them coming back. It also makes them more likely to become conversions. But what is it that makes a UX good or bad?

Catalin Zorzini, of Inspired Magazine, has a list of factors that make or break your website’s user experience. When reading through the list, try to think from the perspective of a visitor to your site.

  • Ease of use

A site that’s difficult to use is frustrating and internet users have no patience for frustrating sites. They arrived on your site looking for something specific. They don’t want to fumble around with difficult navigation or struggle with an unattractive design. 

  • Originality and Creativity

When a site is original and creative, it urges users to explore. It makes your site irresistible and creates a more enjoyable experience. This creativity also helps to make your site more memorable. A visitor will remember the unique looks and feel of your website and return when they again need your services. 

  • Communicating your brand

Believe it or not, how well you brand your website plays a part in the UX. Customers will be confused and unwilling to hear your message if the tone of your website doesn’t match your brand. If you have a light, playful brand, your website should match that. Perhaps more importantly, if you don’t have a playful brand, your website shouldn’t have those features. Branding is also another opportunity to make a user’s experience memorable. 

  • Consistency

Consistency applies to navigation, design and wording. A consistent color scheme should be used throughout your site. Navigation and menus should appear at the same place on each page. The wording for each specific page should be the same each time it appears. Without consistency, the user will be utterly confused and lost. They’ll be searching for menus and arriving at the wrong pages. 

All of this contributes to how enjoyable an experience a visit to your website will be. When you make it enjoyable, you’ll see more traffic and more conversions.

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