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Whether you’re currently building a new website or you have an existing site, you’ll want to think about your users that access the site on mobile devices. The mobile audience is growing steadily as more consumers use mobile devices with internet access and more feel comfortable surfing the web with those devices. If you aren’t delivering a quality user experience to your mobile visitors, you’re missing out on an average of about half of your audience.

Aaron Walker, at the PVM Garage blog, breaks down the two most popular options for optimizing your website for the mobile audience. Whichever you choose, you’ll be certain to have a mobile site that offers the same benefits and experience as your desktop version.

  • Responsive Design

Responsive design is the most popular option currently because it whatever device is being used to view your site. It scales your website down to fit the small screen of smartphones and expands to fit large desktop screens. Using responsive design allows you to reach every mobile user. The downside is that existing sites usually need a redesign to become responsive. Special attention also has to be taken so that your site doesn’t appear fragmented when it appears on smaller screens. 

  • Adaptive Design

Rather than making your website scale to fit any device, adaptive design makes your website fit only the screen sizes you determine are most important. By checking analytics, you can determine where the majority of your audience is coming from. Then, you can use an adaptive design to make your website show up ideally on those few devices. Because you are designing with those screen sizes in mind, your site will always display in high quality. But, if someone tries to access your site with a device that isn’t supported, they may be unable to use it at all. 

There are uses for both responsive and adaptive designs. Each also offers positives and negatives. For help deciding which is right for you and to build a website that offers a great user experience for desktop and mobile users, contact Brookside Studios at 918-392-0745.

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