Choosing the right domain name for your company’s website is important for a variety of reasons. A good domain name offers some SEO benefits, is easy to remember and put on marketing materials and makes sense for your company. Emma-Julie Fox, of Inspired Magazine, has some suggestions for what you should know before registering your next domain name.

  • Find a domain server

You want your site to be able to go live, so you need to find a domain server. Many offer to register your site to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, but if not you’ll need to register it there yourself. Take time to choose the right server. You’ll want a company that offers customer service and quick action should your site go down. Also, ask about extra benefits and perks they offer. 

  • Buy your domain

If the domain name you want to use isn’t already registered, there’ll be no problems at this phase. You’ll be able to register your domain name for free, or a small fee. If it is in use, you can try contacting the owner and offering to buy it. If the domain is registered, but doesn’t have a functioning website on it yet, you may be able to buy it for fairly cheap. Expect it to be much more expensive if the owner is already operating a website there. In that case, you’ll probably be better off coming up with a different domain. 

  • Choose a top-level domain

You also have to choose the last two or three letters of your domain name that come after the period.  This is called the top-level domain. Most common is ‘com’, which refers to a commercial website. For your business, this is usually the best option. Nonprofits are expected to use ‘org’. There are also country specific TLDs like ‘eu’, ‘uk’ and ‘au’. Most users assume your domain is a .com, so it can be difficult to market your website with a different TLD. 

  • Check for copyrights

You obviously don’t want to register a domain that’s been copyrighted already by someone else. So, before submitting it for registration, head to to check. 

  • Make it easy to say

Your domain name should be short and easy to tell people about. Think about how it will sound when spoken out loud. You usually want to avoid hyphens and numbers. You don’t want to have to say ‘the number two’ or ‘hyphen’ every time you give out your URL. 

Choosing a domain is an important part of your website project. Sometimes, it’s as easy as writing down your company’s name. Other times, it can get difficult when the domains you want aren’t available.

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