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Creating a website that is easy to use and contains valuable information is important. But, there is also value in making an attractive website that looks interesting to visitors, as long as it doesn’t hurt usability. Catalin Zorzini, of Inspired Magazine, has some areas to concentrate on if your website needs a superficial boost.

  • Target Audience

Before you make any actual changes to your site, identify your target audience. You can’t create a website that will be attractive to your potential visitors, unless you identify who you’d like those visitors to be. 

  • Simplicity

The knee-jerk reaction to improving the attractiveness of your website is to add lots of fancy, flashy visuals. While that can work, it often hurts the usability of the site. Things become cluttered and navigation becomes more difficult. A user’s attention is being pulled in multiple directions, rather than being focused on your main element. So, sometimes removing some elements and creating a clean space with sharp edges is best. This includes making sure your navigation is also simple and easy to use. 

  • Consistency 

Having a common theme for design and layout for each page of your site is important. You don’t want your visitor to feel that they’ve gone to an entirely new, unfamiliar website just because they’ve gone to another page on your’s. Consistency gives your site flow, while without it, your site becomes confusing. 

  • Use Color Intelligently

Your website will look busy if you flood it will a rainbow of colors. That can be overwhelming to visitors. Instead, pick out appropriate colors that match your business and your logo. A business with a serious tone will probably want to use darker, more muted colors, while a business for kids, with a lighter tone can use bright colors. Be sure that whatever colors you choose don’t make it difficult to read your site. Links, text and buttons should all be easily discernible and legible. 

These tips only speak to improving your website visually. There are a number of ways to make your site more attractive to users by improving their experience. Those include integrating social media, improving performance and updating content.

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