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If your company sells products through your website, or even features information about your products, you need to include images. Images of products not only increases your conversion rate, they also increase traffic to your site. Catalin Zorzini of Inspired Magazine explains the best practices for using images and why they’re so vital for eCommerce sites.

Here are some factors to consider before adding images to your site.

  • Use only high quality images. Blurry, pixelated or poorly lit images don’t speak highly of your product or your business.
  • Include multiple angles of the same product. Let users see all of the product and even include images of someone using it.
  • Allow them to expand. Some users will be frustrated if they can’t view larger versions of your photos.
  • Keep them as small as possible. That doesn’t necessarily refer to the viewing area of the picture, but rather the file size. Larger file sizes will download too slowly.
  • Make each image proportionate and include items that help users determine the scale.

Images help users understand your product. Text product descriptions alone don’t accomplish the full job. Images also make your page more visually interesting and more inviting for visitors. If you feel your website’s conversion rate is struggling, consider adding new, or additional product images. These images also make your content more likely to be shared as users can show others exactly what product has caught their eye.

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