Multi-channel marketing might seem like some conceptual buzzword that gets thrown around like a football at a tailgate, but when done correctly it can be incredibly powerful. One of the best ways to leverage multi-channel marketing is to incorporate a dynamic email strategy. Contrary to popular belief, emails are still a viable marketing tool, when used the right way. Follow these steps to learn more about integrating emails into a multi-channel marketing plan.

What is multi-channel marketing?

  • It’s marketing all over the place
    • Marketing on social media, emails, print media, blogging, and more
    • Only being in one place risks not being seen by your target audience

Why email marketing matters

  • It’s the only way you can go directly to your customer
  • Data is incredibly helpful for email marketing
    • Most people are fairly willing to give their away info
  • Curate emails based on big data
    • Purchasing behavior
    • Online activity
  • You can’t guarantee viewership on social media and other channels
  • Emails allow you to know who sees your content and what they do with it

Get a customer relationship management (CRM) system

  • Allows you to manage content and nurture relationship with customers
  • Use automatic triggers to simplify marketing efforts
  • Give customers the content they want

Create custom landing pages

  • Capture more customer data
  • Give customers more content they’re interested in


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