The Top 10 Marketing Must Haves for Startups

  1. Company Name- Do a Google search and make sure the name isn’t taken.
  2. Domain Name- See if you can get or at maybe a regional domain like
  3. Organize Facts- Know the following: products and services, target audience, buying triggers, places and regions, seasonality, competitors, and valuable point of difference.
  4. Marketing Objective- Know what you want your marketing goals are. Every marketing objective must have: target consumers, outcome, product or service, locations, and season.
  5. Logo-  It’s your first impression, so hire a professional! Get all the file types so you can use the logo anywhere.
  6. Graphic Standard- How to use the logo and how not to use it.
  7. Brand Identity- Business cards and marketing collateral
  8. Messaging strategy- How your brand will talk and communicate. What personality will your brand have?
  9. Web Presence- Website, social media, landing pages, and other places your brand needs to be.
  10. Begin Organizing Contacts- email marketing is not dead! Get all your contacts together in segmented lists.



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