Facebook Facts

  • Facebook Fact #1 –Facebook is essentially running out of space to put your content and ads in the news feed. So what this means for you is that it’s getting more difficult to grow your reach on Facebook.
  • Facebook Fact # 2 – Facebook puts its user experience before marketers or businesses. – This is nothing new. Facebook has always wanted its users to be able to see quality content in their news feed.
    • So basically Facebook wants the user’s newsfeed to be free of anything that seems like spam or fake news.
    • What this means for you is when you’re putting out content you have to make sure that it’s a great experience for your audience.
  • Facebook Fact #3 – If your next post gets a strong start, its likely to be a big success.
    • How do you make it a success? Well that all comes down to  the algorithm


Algorithm Break Down

      • 1.) you post a piece of content on your page
      • 2.) Facebook scans it and tries to determine whether its text, image, recorded, video, live video
      • 3.) Facebook then tweaks the algorithm to change your behavior. – so at certain times, Facebook will give algorithmic preference to certain kinds of content.
        • For example, Facebook recently came out and said LONGER videos will get preference in the newsfeed. Because they want people to stay on Facebook longer.
        • So figuring out how the algorithm work is important because you can use it to your advantage.
      • 4.) once your content has been posted, Facebook shows it to just a few of your followers. Depending on what type of reaction you get will determine if that content will get pushed out into more of your followers’ newsfeed or not.
        • This is why a strong start is super important. – so when posting something you gotta think is this something my audience will like? Is it something they will react to?

Facebook tips

Tip #1 – fewer posts, more quality.

  • When I talk about quality in terms of content I want you to think about getting the most use out of your content.

o   So for example you have a great blog post, then from that blog post

o   you do a Facebook live post,

o   then you turn it into an Instagram story etc…as opposed to just sharing the blog post and then later creating a static image and a quote from the blog post you’re spending more time on creating quality posts… the type of posts people are interested in now.


Tip #2 – more videos more consistently.

  • Cisco predicts that 80% of all internet traffic will video by 2019.
  • 2 years ago Facebook used to be all about placing photos in all of your content but now it’s all about video.
  • So of course there is Facebook live and now there are Facebook stories but if you’re not quite ready to do that all the time I have an easy solution for you.
    • It’s super easy to use
    • For the first one, I’m going to call “short videos” you’ve seen these all over the web. An example would be a how to video. So it would be short clips where you can learn something new in like a minute or more. For this, you can use a tool called annimoto.
    • The second one would be like animated graphics. This is going to get you WAAAAY more traffic than a static image any day. One tool that you can use for this is called ripl.

Tip #3- Facebook Live.

    • Facebook is actually rewarding longer videos now. So aiming for about 30 minutes would be great as long as you’re getting engagement.
    • But if you’re having a hard time going live for a longer length of time then that’s when you need to make sure you’re planning out your content ahead of time. Opening up for feedback and questions at the end is also a great way to extend your time and keep your audience’s attention longer.

There are so many ways that you can use video. If you’re not already using video it will dramatically change the engagement that you’re getting right now.





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