What is UX? It stands for user experience. The goal is to allow the user to achieve their goal as quickly and easily as possible.

For example- if they need to find your contact info, and have trouble finding it- you have bad UX on your site.

  1. Define your object- Figure out what you want the users to do on your site.
  2. Prototype- Start with paper and do some wireframing. Draw out what the site will roughly look like. Make a sitemap and main navigation.
  3. Design It- Bring it to live and lay it out


  1. Let the user know they’re in the right place
  2. Phone number is red and very easy to find
  3. Rebates and Warranties are important, but still needs to be found quickly
  4. Contact form- lets people contact you without having to call
  5. Services is next. Tell users what services we offer. The call to action is important, don’t be boring.
  6. Give things space, white space is your friend. Take it one objective at a time
  7. Give users a reason to sign up for a newsletter



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