Just like any facet of business, marketing can be extremely confusing. Where to market, what platforms, who am I reaching, how do I do it, how much do I spend, how will I know if it worked? There are more questions than answers, but much like any good and complicated subject, it’s much easier to swallow once we break it down to a simple and manageable formula.

So I want to give you a quick 5 step road map to help you in your next digital marketing campaign.

  1. Objective– It all starts with an objective. What is the most important and relevant goal that you want to reach? Why are you wanting to launch a digital campaign? Maybe you want to increase sales in a specific product, maybe you want to recruit more visitors to your website, maybe you want people to sign up for your free event. There are a million objectives you could go after but the key is to choose one. Because your campaign will be built, tailored and targeted to achieve that one specific goal. Here’s a secret for you: digital marketing has tools that can help you achieve the most granular objective possible. You want to reach 18-25-year-old males who are into EDM music festivals in the Midwest..digital marketing can do that. Create your objective and don’t deviate from it.


  1. Strategy– Lay out a well-devised plan that aims to help you achieve your objective. brainstorm the type of campaign you want, the platforms, assets, creative, content, skills and abilities to execute..put it all out on the table, then take a census of what is doable for you and what makes the most sense for your objective. Any campaign is worthless without a strategy.


  1. Preparation– create, gather, load, organize and put into place all the assets needed to execute the campaign. Create your campaign, upload to your platforms, create your landing page, get your forms in order, prepare your communication channels and lay it all out on a calendar for proper deployment schedule. The fastest thing to derail any campaign is disorganization. Be prepared before the launch and you will mitigate your complications.


  1. Implementation– Deploy assets. Run the campaign. Do the dang thing! Execute Execute Execute. Reach that audience, talk to that demographic, let your message speak and work for you. Don’t adjust your campaign until you consult your analytics. Let it run its course and do its job.


  1. Analytics– Arguably the most important part of the campaign, what’s the feedback? Who clicked on it? Did they order, sign up, submit, communicate etc? Measure your return on your investment, the greatest thing by far about digital marketing is the analytics it can provide. Because even if you targeted the right audience, created the best campaign and rocked it out. It’s all for naught if you don’t know if it worked or not.


There you have it. A simplified formula for digital marketing campaigns. Now I know what I explained is fairly simple but if you’re not keen on learning the intricacies of digital marketing and doing the research then just call us. We here at Brookside Studios have some pretty awesome ideas we can help you implement plus we have a pretty great track record of successful digital marketing campaigns. Remember, it all starts with one objective..if you establish that, we can help you do the rest.






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