The Right Way to Join the Conversation on Social Media

This is a great guide to help you keep your social posts in good standing with your audiences for all small business owners, marketing managers or anyone who runs a company social media page.

People trust brands and give them permission to access that trust until they ruin it, either through a customer service issue, product default, or offensive marketing concepts. In the last 7 years, brands have really started to utilize social media to get closer to their customers, express solidarity, and become a relevant part of conversations. But this doesn’t always work out.

Even the BIGGEST brands have been caught

Here are 6 tips you can apply to your social efforts that will ensure you stay out of hot water when joining the conversation.

  • Brand infusion is okay sometimes, but product and mascot infusion is never ok.Connect product with the event happening: Cinnabon, Coke, Crocs.
  • NEVER mix your promotional efforts, sales activity or brand gain of any kind with a sensitive subject: Gap, Kenneth Cole and Bing.
  • Treat every tribute as if the person most affected by that event is the only person to read it: Disney- Robin Williams, American Express-Hurricane Sandy
  • Just because it’s happening, doesn’t mean you should mention it– Prince- Chevrolet
  • Be selective and strategic about what conversations you decide to join.
  • Keep out of trouble, be a relevant part of the conversation and be effective.

So many brands try to be relevant by showing their face on social media during a time of need. Some brands do it in a very classy way and others find a way to mess it up. Even the BIGGEST brands have been caught in this web. Follow these tips to be relevant, classy, PC, and deliver a sincere message that resonates with your audience.

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