Video Stats That Actually Matter

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Two of the biggest forces that have emerged in digital marketing in recent years are video content and trackable data. However, putting the two together can seem overwhelming at times. After you release your video on the world wide web, there are so many data points you can use to measure success it’s hard to know which are the most important. While each campaign and objective will be different, we like to boil it down to four primary data points to measure the success of a video. 

Who Watched the Video?

Look for peaks in your demographic data. Did more men or women watch your video? How old are they? Is this the audience you wanted to target, or did you accidentally stumble into a potential new customer base? Understanding who watched will help you curate future content to your audience and lets you know what messaging strategy to use. 

How Long Did They Watch?

If half your audience is dropping off at the halfway point of the video that can either mean they got the information they needed, or they didn’t feel like this video was going to satisfy their need. Either way, you might need to reconsider the content flow of this video. This question can also help you assess whether you put this video on the right platform.

video marketing

Look for peaks in your demographic data

video marketing

Who Re-Watched the Video?

When someone watches the same video multiple times, that means they’re in the buying state of mind. You can use this information as a way to lead score your customers and continue to push them down the funnel. Even if they’re not ready to buy, you can feed them more content that compliments the video they re-watched to keep them engaged.

Did They Take Action?

Not every video will have a call to action, some will just be educational, but if there is a call to action the click-through rate can be the most telling data point. If viewers aren’t clicking or taking the desired action, it can mean a few different things. The call to action may not be clear, the call to action may be said at the wrong time, or maybe you haven’t explained the benefits well enough to really sell it.

There are plenty of other metrics that may pertain to your exact marketing objective, but odds are these four will give you worthwhile insight to assess any video. 

video marketing
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