What is Remarketing?

There are few instances more irritating than someone visiting your website or interacting with one of your marketing campaigns...and then doing nothing. You may find yourself looking at the analytics for a site or campaign and saying, “What gives?!”. After shelling out so much time and so many resources on developing a beautiful place for people to interact with your brand, your conversions are still flat. Your first instinct may be to scrap your campaign or redesign your website. While this is always an option, there is a much less drastic approach you can take to win back these potentially lost leads — remarketing. 

Why reach out to people who turned you down?

Largely an approach used in paid advertising online, remarketing (also known as “retargeting”) campaigns specifically target visitors who have interacted with your marketing campaigns but have not yet converted into leads. By installing some tracking code on your website or other online marketing materials, search engines and certain social media platforms can identify who has bounced from one of your campaigns. These entities then mark these people as a specific audience to reach out to in the future in the form of paid advertisements. You have probably been the aim of a remarketing campaign already. Have you ever done some shopping around online only to see advertisements for the same brand you were shopping for on other websites? Yep, you likely were the audience captured in a remarketing campaign.

Why reach out to people again who already turned you down? It’s important to remember that there are many reasons why someone hasn’t converted...yet. Perhaps the user was just doing some initial shopping or simply attempting to gain an overview of what products or services are available. Maybe the user is doing some research for someone else who holds the real buying power. There’s also a chance that your first hunch was correct and that your brand’s message didn’t resonate with them. Retargeting these individuals for advertising can give you a chance to retool your message or at least give them time to come around to your message.

Remarketing to people who are “just looking” or simply not ready to convert keeps your brand at the front of their mental Rolodex when the time comes for them to convert.

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