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Content Marketing is King

It is plain to understand that content marketing likely needs to be the present and future means of marketing your company or organization. Providing genuinely helpful and enjoyable resources will allow you to build trust among your target audience as opposed to talking about yourself ad nauseam. Your competition has already started offering beneficial resources to your target audience in the form of insightful articles, video tutorials, and even downloadable ebooks. Being able to create thoughtfully branded resources will allow your company to out-earn the trust of your target audience from your competition.

You're fantastic at what you do—so is a quality ghostwriter at what they do.

Even if you're completely sold on the need to create numerous pieces of useful content to earn audience trust, you probably still have your own hesitations.

"I'm not a writer." 

"I'm not a marketing professional." 

"I don't have the time to create these resources."

When You Need Outside Help

You likely got into your industry to be the best at what you do — not to write about it all the time. Here are a few instances when we'd recommend seeking the help of a professional marketing ghostwriter.

You want to increase the quality of your resources.

We've mentioned before that you're better off creating rougher content that answers audience questions than no content at all. However, if you'd prefer to have your resources more polished and enjoyably digestible, working with a professional ghostwriter is the way to proceed. An experienced ghostwriter can extract the essential information from you and create a flowing narrative that your target audience will find useful and even gratifying to consume. A seasoned marketing ghostwriter will also be able to help you develop a content marketing strategy to ensure that your content builds trust in your brand.

You are too busy to create such resources.

Creating helpful resources is never a waste of your time. That being said, you may not want to spend hours a week carefully crafting something that you can outsource to a content professional. Working with an experienced marketing ghostwriter can allow you to accomplish all of your goals without sacrificing quality.

How To Work With a Marketing Ghostwriter

For many, the idea of using a ghostwriter seems deceptive or even feels like "cheating." However, the relationship between a subject matter expert (you) and a ghostwriter is simply a collaborative effort to deliver the best content possible. It's certainly not cheating.

The Author/Writer Relationship

Using a ghostwriter is not merely taking credit for another writer's work. The process of creating content with a ghostwriter is a collaborative effort between what is known as the author (you) and the ghostwriter. For all intents and purposes, you are the author of the content.

Though they are writing most of the content, they rely on your expertise to deliver accurate information as well as your tone. They do this through periodic interviews or correspondence. In essence, a ghostwriter's job is to allow you to "author" the best quality content possible.

What the Authoring-Writing Process May Look Like


One of the most crucial aspects of a ghostwriter's job is interviewing you. While interviews are primarily a time for ghostwriters to cull information from you related to the direction of the content, they're also a time for the writer to study you. In addition to essential facts, a good ghostwriter is paying close attention to your tone of voice, your vocal timing, and even your sense of humor and wit. For the sake of brand consistency, it's crucial for a writer to get an understanding of the full picture of your brand.

Editorial Process

Once the ghostwriter has gathered the information they need, they'll be left to begin writing pieces in your voice on an agreed-upon timetable.

First drafts will be submitted to you for editing or approval. The key characteristics you should be looking for in the drafts are errors in the essential information, such as explained processes, terminology, and the like. While you're more than welcome to make suggestions in terms of the writer's tone, some wording or directional choices may be made for purposes of marketing strategy. Unless you have reason to believe otherwise, it is essential to trust the direction of the ghostwriter for the sake of optimal marketing strategy and brand consistency.


Once a piece of content is approved, it will be scheduled for publication on your company's website, social media, or through the proper press release distribution networks. Unless unusual conditions exist, no mention of the ghostwriter will be made concerning the piece. You will be listed as the sole author in this instance. For this reason, it is essential to thoroughly understand the content of any works in which you listed as the author.

The Benefits of Using the Same Ghostwriter Every Time

If you're considering using a ghostwriter to build out your brand's library of resources for content marketing purposes, it's highly recommended that you aim to use the same ghostwriter every time for a handful of reasons.

No Introductions Necessary

When you utilize the same ghostwriter resource, you can skip the initial step of the process. The writer will have already met you and will be familiar with your personality, tone, and phrasing style. The occasional rehashing never hurts, though. 

Consistency of Tone

Don't think of your library of resources as individual articles, but instead a single bank of useful content. Because there's a high likelihood of a website visitor or email subscriber reading multiple pieces authored in your name, but written by ghostwriters, consistency of tone, timing, and humor are essential. As you increase the number of ghostwriters writing for any single author, you increase the likelihood of pieces not flowing together.

Familiar Work Styles

If you're planning on regularly publishing helpful resources, having a go-to ghostwriter whom you can trust will make your life much more comfortable. Between communicating ideas, aligning schedules, and conducting the editorial approval process, being familiar with each other's work styles will make content creation one less worry.

In Conclusion

Finding a ghostwriter to assist you in your goal of creating outstanding content regularly will take your brand to new heights. A professional ghostwriter will be happy to answer any questions you have and provide samples of work to give you an idea of their capabilities.

Happy authoring!

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