6 Steps to Better Email Marketing

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When you’re assessing email marketing efforts, the two biggest stats you should look at are the open rate and the click-through rate (CTR). These stats give you a good idea of how engaging your content is and which names on your list really care about what you’re selling. Boosting either of these metrics just one percent can have a big impact on your bottom line, so let’s look at three ways to boost open rates and three ways to boost CTR.

How to Increase Open Rates

Send from a person, not a company

Unless you’re a colossal Fortune 500 company with an email list the size of an NYC phone book, your emails need to come from a real person’s email address. People are much more likely to open an email from Alex@brooksidestudios.com than info@brooksidestudios.com. After all, who wants to open an email from some mysterious robot?

Use Preview Text

Most major email clients will show a few lines of copy below the subject line. If the preview text is not set via the marketing automation software, the email client will usually pull whatever copy comes first in the email. However, by writing engaging preview text that compliments the subject line, the readers have one more reason to open the email.

Try Again

If someone doesn’t open an email they might be uninterested in what you have to say, or they may have just been in a hurry when you hit send. On the off chance it’s the latter, sending the same email a few days later to everyone who didn’t open gives them a second chance to engage. When using unopened triggers, be sure to rewrite the subject line and preview text so it looks like a new email. 

open rates

one ring to rule them all

call to action

How to Increase Email CTR

Less is More

A good email will be singular in purpose, which means only having one call to action. When planning the email campaign, you should boil each email down to one idea, one reason why you’re sending the email, one thing you want the reader to do, one ring to rule them all (had to do it).

Don’t Buy Lists

This goes for increasing open rates as well. One of the best ways to have dismally low engagement rates is to buy a list of random email addresses. People who don’t know you and didn’t ask to hear from you won’t be too excited about what you’re hawking. We should note that there is a difference between buying a list and harvesting a cold list from a trade show or industry group.

Link Above the Fold

While it’s best to keep emails concise, readers will likely have to do some scrolling (especially if they’re on mobile). To keep them engaged and increase the likely hood of a click, add a clickable item above the fold.

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